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This page is a courtesy for both customers of mine and for the local businesses below who are reputable, excellent at what they do and consider customer service the starting point of a successful business. I have lived in Fort Collins for 20 years and this is my list of the best Fort Collins businesses.


Autobahn West Mercedes  (Moving to a new shop)
Mike 970-482-4300

Mike is a Mercedes Zen Master, totally knows his stuff and 100% reputable.  I have an old Mercedes that I mostly work on myself, but when I get stuck he has been a big help with my special vintage needs.


Bashkin Guitars

In 1998 Michael blew up his TV and started his own guitar building company. Besides making guitars he also does all kinds of customizations, setups and repair.


Big Deal Tire & Wheel

I have been using these guys since the mid 90’s, and started by buying inner tubes for river rides.  There are some real sleazy tire places in Fort Collins, but the Big Deal Guys, like all the people on this list, believe that treating people fairly and not screwing them makes things right in their universe. Their prices are always excellent.


Dr. Cory Carroll Family Practitioner (Now practicing Direct Care)
Foothills Family Care 970-221-5858

After becoming totally pissed off and cynical about doctors who either seemed bored or too much in a hurry to answer questions, Dr. Carroll was recommended by a friend.  Aside from being a tireless advocate for national health care reform and working to affect those changes in Colorado, he also walks the walk in his own practice by doing things like rejecting all drug industry enticements and back rubbing.  So while you are not likely to get free drug samples from him, you are also not going to get prescribed a drug of unknown efficacy because he was wined and dined by drug reps.

My first checkup with him was a relaxed meeting that lasted nearly an hour and a half. He asked me questions and then followed up with more. I felt like I was in a parallel universe where the doctors really like to take time to get to know the person they are treating, in body and in mind. He is a progressive-thinking physician who is not intimidated or threatened by alternative therapies when he thinks they may be appropriate. He keeps up with contemporary discussions in medicine, new ideas, and is a Western medicine practitioner with a holistic approach. He tries his best to keep costs down where he can for his patients and takes most insurance.

In short, Dr. Carroll’s practice and proactive style of care will far exceed your expectations.  It was a lucky day for me when he became my doctor.


Colorado Worm Man - Worm Composting
John Anderson 970-407-9076

You may have seen John driving around in his Wormbulance van.  He can set you up with everything you need to know about the ease and value of sustainable worm composting in your back yard or business.


Denis Segal Massage
Denis is a kind big guy who looks like he could knead you into a dough ball if he wanted, so during my first massage I asked, “Why not the brutalization?”  His explanation was that muscles will release and relax in their own time and if you push them too much they will respond less in kind. After having been made worse by unintuitive massage therapists who felt like they were working out THEIR stress on my body, I liked his approach. Don’t get me wrong, you WILL feel like you’ve had a massage.  He is the still the best massage I’ve ever had.  His price is $40/hr.  Walk out of his office and step into a new day.


Dre’s Customs  (In the process of moving to a new shop)

Dre opened his own auto repair shop in 2006 and spent much of that first year helping me with some annoying problems that were plaguing the 1968 Mercedes I had recently bought, ending with turning my automatic transmission into a manual.  After my car was shot 7 times one night while I slept in a hotel in Denver, Dre did an excellent job of body work on the door.  Luckily, he had quite of few years of body repair in his history.  He is kind of an all around fix it guy when it comes to cars.  But because he keeps his overhead low as a two man show, his prices are very competitive.  He is a patient, good guy who will treat you right.


Evolve Rolfing & Wellness
Erika Olsen

Since 2003 Erika has been following her dream of starting her own business and providing holistic healing in Fort Collins.


Lauri Pointer Healing Touch

My policy with alternative healing is very simple, does it work at a level that clearly exceeds the power of my hope that it will?  (In other words, the placebo effect.) I am a healthy skeptic, and Laurie has a special talent that is worth your investigation.


Ras Ka Restaurant  (restaurant closed, but Ras Ka sauces still available in local markets)
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ras-Ka/42142884697


Hanna, the owner of Ras Ka cooks because she loves to make people happy by feeding them. Going to Ras Ka is a whole experience. She is Ethiopian but the food is a mix of styles. None of it really looks like that pile of baby food you face at other Ethiopian restaurants and I am thankful for that.  Try it sometimes when you are feeling a little down or lonely. You will leave her restaurant and step into a new day. She puts her love and her heart into the food, and you will taste and feel the difference. This is excellent, healthy well-made soul food that sustains you. The place is small and cozy, but you are likely to find yourself chatting with another customer or Hanna even if you normally wouldn’t.  That is part of what she creates. You’ll immediately feel right at home. Am I raving about Ras Ka? Yes.


RNR Supply

RNR specializes in plumbing and general water related parts of your house. They have been around since 1970 and easily know more about plumbing than any store in the area. Just bring your part in. They will usually look at and tell you who made it and what you need to fix it. They are an old time local business meaning they'll be able to chat with you for a while and help you figure out your game plan when it comes to complicated jobs or old and exotic plumbing. They are an antidote to the big box home repair places and like any local business need your support lest all their experience become a thing of the past in Fort Collins.
I often walk in stressed out and leave feeling better.


Royal-T Rooter Service

I have used Royal-T since 2003.  They are always quick, friendly (affordable for plumbers) and reputable.  They are a hard working group of people.


Tyler Morris Woodworking

In 1997 Tyler Morris decided to follow his dream and opened his own woodworking company.  He sells his elegant, locally made products all over the world.


Urban Monk Studios
Saja Butler

In 2007, Saja also decided to take a chance, give up her 9 to 5 and follow her dream of teaching and playing music.  Aside from leading the Storm Mountain Band, she provides affordable singing and guitar lessons.  She has an excellent rapport with her students and is a huge favorite of parents looking to get their children started in music.


Yum Yum Restaurant  (Sold and run by new owners)

I have been eating at Yum Yum since the early 90’s.  To this day, they still have the best hummus, baba ghanoush and tahini sauce I have ever had, easily the best Mediterranean food in Fort Collins. The place is owned and operated by a Lebanese family.  How do you know you are in the right Middle Eastern restaurant? Middle Easterners are eating there.  This is excellent, healthy, well-made soul food that makes you feel good.  Strike up a conversation with the mother about food and you will see her eyes brighten.  The food she creates is one of her favorite topics.