To avoid the lonely, disabling pain and regret that accompanies the loss of computer data, family pictures, emails, school work, you MUST BACK UP, NOW!!!. ALL hard drives eventually fail. So will yours, usually randomly and arbitrarily, and (in our modern world of making everything as crappy as possible,) much sooner than you'll expect. I see this many times a month.

Think of it this way. If you spend the $55 for an automatic external backup drive or $72/yr to a cloud based service like Carbonite, then you are golden. If you drop the computer, the hard drive fails, a ransomware virus encrypts all your files, the Windows 10 upgrade deletes your files, you spill tequila, it gets stolen, fried by a lightning strike, user account deleted by a mangled Norton update or your computer gets locked by a bogus tech support guy you let remotely log in, then you will still suffer a bit, but having that backup will kinda make you feel much, much better.

I now have some experience with Carbonite and they seem solid and simple so far.

Having a backup can be easier than you think. There are many different options depending on how much stuff you got. I can help you figure this out and bring you into a state of total relaxation on the subject.

Remember, whatever backup you chose, you must have duplication. You must have two of whatever you are backing up. One on one device, and the copy on another device or in the cloud. If you save all your love poems only to your flash drive and then leave it at The Coffee Cavern because you were absent minded after a good yoga class, you have not made a backup.