Geek Squad

The 3-card Monty players of the computer repair world. The stories I hear from my customers tell it all.  The wild prices and ludicrous lines of bull they are serving up make them THE service to avoid. You will suffer less personal indignity and loss of income going to ANYONE but them.

I have an older customer who showed me the actual Geek Squad receipt for $525.  I didn't believe her till I saw it. She was charged for the removal of a virus. Instead she got a detour into THE TWILIGHT ZONE!

Second true story. A woman told me she went in with hard drive problems and they told her that not only was her hard drive broken but her second hard drive was also bad and the cost would be $450.  Her laptop did have two hard drives, but you could only have them both fail together if you lifted the laptop over your head like Godzilla and threw it on the ground.  The Geek Squad stories would be more hilarious if they were featured on a hidden camera show. Smartly, she could smell a scam.  She sent it in to HP support who also laughed at the two broken hard drives suggestion and confirmed that one drive was bad and fixed it for $200.

I picture the Geek Squad people taking your computer into the back and then spinning a big wheel with bogus diagnoses on it to see what they are gonna tell you.

Note: any repair shop who wants to charge you more than $400 and doesn't mention that you can buy a new computer for near that should be treated with extreme prejudice. 

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