Keep Your Money

In an effort to compete in the marketplace (rip you off), ISPs are trying to squeeze as much out of their customers as they can with hidden fees or irregular pricing. You should check your bill regularly and make sure there aren't any "mistakes." The chances are 50/50. You will be over charged whenever the sales person feels it appropriate.  You may want to call and ask exactly what you are paying for on occasion. Is the charge necessary and can it be cheaper? Just keep checking their online deals, do your homework, play dumb and let them make it worth your while (considering how many commercials you have to watch and how much of your usage data they sell to marketers and undesirables). I would say a good deal for just internet from Comcast is $40/mo. If it is that good try and get into a contract if you aren’t moving. If your internet isn’t really slow with Century Link then that $40/mo is good. I will call them one night and if I don’t get a good deal try them in week or two. Their pricing is like prices in the hospital — whatever they can get away with. Somehow I am paying $29.99/mo this year.

Call at least once a year and ask, "how can my bill cheaper?" Do not get an internet plan that is slower than 15 Mbps.

Bogus charges. Without asking, Comcast was started tacking on their “Line protection charge.” This is a $4 monthly fee I have started to see showing up on Comcast bills. Comcast will explain that if there is a problem with your internet and it is not their fault then this fee covers it.  If there is a problem with your internet, it IS their fault, period, unless rats chewed through your lines. They are trying to get you to pay even more for the service you are already paying for in your expensive monthly bill. If your internet is not working raise hell until they fix it. Get even more angry if they try to sell you the Line Protection service or a service plan. Cancel it and complain if they already sneaked it onto your bill. Threaten to leave whenever necessary. But don't!!!  Century-Link is much worse!

Do not rent a modem from your internet service provider.  The cost adds up fast. Buy your own modem and don't give Comcast your money for free. This is another way they try to charge you for nothing. (Full disclosure: I rented a Comcast modem for 10 yrs. = $1200) :-( They are no more than $150 to buy.

No matter how Comcast or Century Link tries to scare you there is no reason to rent your cable modem. Most people have a modem and a wireless router (2 different boxes). If you buy your own wireless cable modem then you don’t even need a second box. A wireless cable modem does it all in one box. Comcast is charging $10/mo rental of their boxes. Don’t give them that money.  All you have to do is buy one, call Comcast and have them walk you through setting it up. It is very easy.

— If your phones don’t come from Comcast then you can search on Amazon for Cable Modem with Wifi. Check the reviews and questions to make sure people have used it successfully with Comcast/Xfinity.
— If you phones don’t come through Century Link then search for a DSL Modem with Wifi. Same thing, check that people have used it for Century Link.
— If your phones come through your internet company, then add “with Telephony” to your search. Those modems can be harder to find and closer to $200-$300.
— I prefer the Netgear brand for network stuff, and Arris seems solid too.


Many of these modems come with two channels so you can get 5G!  Oh boy! 5G! Really? 5G? The short answer is that I always turn of the 5G channel on most modems because all it does it confuse people.  It is a less powerful frequency and it always ends up that your printer is installed on the 2.4Ghz network and all your other devices are on the 5Ghz.  That leads to a call to me saying that your printer doesn't seem to work. 5G isn't a bad thing, it's just kinda an unnecessary feature. Kinda like touch screens turned out to be on laptops.  

Here is where 5 Ghz would be indicated.  You live in a warehouse and you are surrounded by tons of 2.4Ghz interference. There are no walls in your building. That is where a weaker 5ghz signal would serve you best, as long as you made sure your printer was also installed on the 5Ghz network.



Before you buy anything at Best Buy, Staples, Office Max (anyplace that price matches) look the price for the same item up on  If the product is "sold and shipped" by Amazon and cheaper, show the checkout person and Best Buy will match the price. How 'bout them apples?