If you frivolously upgrade hardware or software you are tempting fate. Upgrade only if you are compelled to do so!  Essentially, if it ain't broken don't fix it. Software updates are sometimes worse than the older one. It happens all the time. This is especially true of Microsoft operating systems.  When a new one comes out, wait 12 months and then search online reviews of the operating system to make sure they haven't released another multi-million dollar loser. Same goes for any software. Not all software upgrades are bad, but I now turn Windows Update permanently off on all computers I service. I consider Windows updates to be more of a liability than a necessity.

Microsoft Harm Reduction

But with Windows 8, 10, Office 365, and the sadism of Windows Update, Microsoft has gone off the rails. Aside from becoming an unreliable partner, they seem to be more in the way than leading the way. I suggest you consider them as we did AOL and start limiting your exposure to their products and your chances for harassment and random suffering. Eventhough just under 90% of the world still uses Windows PCs, this post is to plant the seed that you deserve better.


I am not talking about your teenage son, but if some other teenagers are sharing your computer you should virus-protect that computer like it is the shared computer in the prison library. You can't stop the sun from rising, but you can wear sunscreen. Better yet, give them your old computer and buy one that only you use.  Also, installing more than one anti-virus causes problems. Just use one good one.


If anyone recommends McAfee or Norton/Symantec write those people off as suspicious or confused. I could spend pages telling you all the ways these programs can screw up your computer. Suffice it to say this, these programs are bloated, slow, expensive, and get this, DON'T REMOVE THE VIRUSES!


Browsers are the programs that allow you to interface with the internet.  The top three are Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.  I recommend installing all three (there are more to try). It just takes a few minutes. The reason to do this is because as web developers build new websites they also have to make sure that the content shows up and works correctly on all the major browsers.  Sometimes they don't succeed.  I prefer Chrome or Firefox. Do some research. Try some out. Don’t be afraid to jump ship if the one you are using becomes annoying. Avoid Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.