Apple Macs

A quick word on Apple, Mac computers. Yes, they are expensive. That's why I always get them used for my customers. If you are an average computer user like us all, and are running no obscure software programs that Macs' don't support, then there is no reason to deny yourself the good life. The next time you bring me your computer for virus removal, ask, and I'll give you my Mac rap. More on this later.

SSD Drives

If after 2016 someone tries to sell you a computer without an SSD drive, look them in the eye and say, "why do you hate me?"

You can get a "deal" on a $300-$400 computer at Costco or Sams, but you will soon start to feel a gnawing sense of regret centered in your gut chakra - the chakra that longs for curious bargains. Those computers usually have slow processors, no SSD drives and will become very slow, very fast. Heads up.

… It seems to me like Windows 10 has a lot of stupid crap running in the background. I'm sure it is meant "enhance" your experience. If anyone has had their experience enhanced I would love to hear from you! It is rare that I sit at a fast computer that is running Windows 10 on an old style hard drive.

Up to 40 mbps!!! - High Speed Internet, Means Nothing!

Century Link in their deceitful wisdom markets people their "Heavy-Duty" internet. "Heavy-Duty Internet" is an unhelpful claim like saying fat-free Pepsi. Most of these plans assure firmly that you'll receive "UP TO 40 mbps." Of course this means nothing and it alerts you to the fact that you are dealing with a company whose main service claim is a deception.  I have seen people getting speeds all along the spectrum with this plan.  Some of them are getting dial-up speeds. The internet only needs to be fast and nothing more, neither heavy, nor duty.

… Shorting customers on speed does not seem to be an issue with Comcast, but I would say it is with about 90% of my customers with Century Link.