Keep Your Money

Keep Your Money

in an effort to compete in the marketplace (rip you off), ISPs are trying to squeeze as much out of their customers as they can with hidden fees. You should check your bill regularly and make sure there aren't any "mistakes." The chances are 50/50. You will be over charged whenever the sales person feels it appropriate.

Microsoft Harm Reduction

But with Windows 8, 10, Office 365, and the sadism of Windows Update, Microsoft has gone off the rails. Aside from becoming an unreliable partner, they seem to be more in the way than leading the way. I suggest you consider them as we did AOL and start limiting your exposure to their products and your chances for harassment and random suffering. Eventhough just under 90% of the world still uses Windows PCs, this post is to plant the seed that you deserve better.

Service Plans

Extended service plans from companies like Best Buy, Staples, etc., are mostly a misrepresentation and a scam. Here's how it works. The salesman will promise that your extended service plan will do everything including cook dinner for you when you grow old, just to get you to buy it.  Whatever service scenario you propose, he'll swear it is covered.

Geek Squad

The 3-card Monty players of the computer repair world. The stories I hear from my customers tell it all.  The wild prices and ludicrous lines of bull they are serving up make them THE service to avoid. You will suffer less personal indignity and loss of income going to ANYONE but them.

… I picture the Geek Squad people taking your computer into the back and then spinning a big wheel with bogus diagnoses on it to see what they are gonna tell you.


Fear mongering about "privacy and identity theft" is largely industry hype designed to break into your wallet. I am not saying that identity theft doesn't occur, but that it occurs in ways that aren't made safer by using software products sold to protect your privacy. Nor does it usually occur from your computer. Relax.  Here's all you need to do:

Up to 40 mbps!!! - High Speed Internet, Means Nothing!

Century Link in their deceitful wisdom markets people their "Heavy-Duty" internet. "Heavy-Duty Internet" is an unhelpful claim like saying fat-free Pepsi. Most of these plans assure firmly that you'll receive "UP TO 40 mbps." Of course this means nothing and it alerts you to the fact that you are dealing with a company whose main service claim is a deception.  I have seen people getting speeds all along the spectrum with this plan.  Some of them are getting dial-up speeds. The internet only needs to be fast and nothing more, neither heavy, nor duty.

… Shorting customers on speed does not seem to be an issue with Comcast, but I would say it is with about 90% of my customers with Century Link.


Any “tech support” that you are inspired to call from an ominous warning on your computer is bogus. Any ominous calls you receive that scare you about your computer are bogus. Never let anyone remotely connect to your computer! If you did not specifically go to the company website, ( etc.) and find a tech support number directly on that website, then you are talking to fake tech support.

Clutter and Bloating

This can be a real struggle if you have teenagers. Essentially, you want to keep all non-essentials off your computer.  Do not download any program that says it wants to help you, and no toolbars, no "helping" programs (remember, your life was just fine without them). I would avoid weather apps too. Be cautious with games that don't come on disks, try to play them on a website as opposed to downloading them to your computer. Be particularly wary of programs that tell you they will make your computer faster. They almost always come with some sort of hidden crap and viruses.