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Oct. 2018

My highest complements and thanks to The Computer Guy.
A grandma techno nerd here. I use all my devices a lot, but when something goes haywire, I am out of luck.
Eddie was patient with my questions, stayed in frequent contact until the computer was all ready to be collected and was very reasonable in his charges. He gave me permission to call if I had questions once I got home.
Our son-in-law recommended him, so our family has our go-to guy.

Thanks Eddie
Pam S.

Thanks again for all the help today, my wife is tickled to death that her games are back up & running & my laptop is crazy fast.
Also, we stopped by Comcast, we used your facts and now we have a great refund coming on our future bills. They did admit they screwed up, the modem should have been cleaned up. We also stopped at Best Buy and explained what happened, again w/ your facts to us, and we got a full refund.
And I posted a complimentary note on your comments page & if we can ever give you a reference please let us know. Thanks a lot Eddie, great job!"
--- Steve & Karen Lee


Dec. 2017

Eddie, thank you for your honesty when you serviced our computer. We thought our computer would need to be replaced but your wisdom and skill allowed us to keep our computer and save money. Also thank-you for setting up the lap top and for your patience while teaching us how to use it.
--- The Johnsons, Windsor, CO

"My computer seemed like it was under some sort of full-scale porn advertising popups siege.  Eddie sat down and immediately asked if I had a teenage son.  I said, 'yes, why?'  He just nodded his head and said he'd fix us right up. He did, and gave us some strategies for protecting our computer from teenagers. He is our new guy for computer repair in Fort Collins."
--- Paul Berman,  Seneca Ave. Fort Collins


"Eddie was honest and straightforward regarding my computer being dead. He could of made a lot of money off of me, but instead told me the truth up front. He also worked over a holiday weekend to help me out and did NOT charge me an arm and leg to do so. I will recommend The Computer Guy to anyone who needs assistance with their computer!"
--- Amber Romkee 


"Eddie is highly responsive and gets the job done.  It is great to have The Computer Guy to support your small business."
--- Todd Moerman
Managing Partner
Integrity Investment Advisors

"The Computer Guy is the Anti-GeekSquad! You get fast, knowledgeable, affordable service from someone who cares about what he's doing. I highly recommend him for all your computer needs."
 --- Tom,  Fort Collins

"I'm the operations manager at a local green cleaning company, and our computer got a nasty, crippling virus. Not good, seeing as all of our scheduling software was on that computer. No way to get our cleaning teams out to their scheduled houses! I called Eddie, The Computer Guy, and rushed the tower over to his place. A few hours later, the problem (and some more problems I didn't even know about!) was fixed and our business was back up and running! Eddie is very reasonable and certainly worth every penny! We will be recommending him to everyone we know."
 --- Amy S. Fort Collins

"Eddie is great. He responds quickly, gets the job done right and doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I've wasted time and money dealing with "overseas consultants" who misrepresent themselves and their affiliations as Microsoft contractors. My bad. But Eddie's the real deal. I recommend him to anyone who needs "real" help from a "real" person. He's a likable guy, too. "Which is nice."
"Great guy! I had a very bad virus on my laptop. Eddie got rid of it. He also gave me advice on how to avoid viruses, and told me to call him if I have any questions. If you're looking for a trustworthy computer guy, Eddie is the one!"

               --- Colorado Man


"Eddie is smart and works smart. I'm so glad he is around and gives such great service -- in a way that doesn't make me feel inept!"
 --- Jean Charney, Peterson St., Fort Collins

"My computer was running so slow I had to turn it on and then make some coffee while it booted up. The Computer Guy asked over the phone if I was running Norton or Mcafee.  We were.  He told us that unfortunately those were bogus programs.  He brought the computer completely back to life and set us up with proper anti-virus software. He is the best for Fort Collins computer repair and virus removal!
 ---  Angie Collota,  Oak St. Fort Collins

"A friend had recommended The Computer Guy after I had gone through hell for weeks with tech support at Best Buy.  Eddie came over and I told him the story.  He said he was sorry I had to go through the run around with that 'unfortunate crew.'  The Computer guy fixed me up right the first time for a third of what I spent with the Geeks." 
 ---  Jaime Poyant, Constitution Ave.  Fort Collins

"I was getting sick and tired of viruses and was thinking about getting a Mac laptop.  Eddie gave me a long rap about the pros and cons.  He said with proper anti-virus software viruses could be kept in check.  He suggested that 'if money was no issue then by all means spend $1100 on an elegant device to check your email and surf the net.' Things have been fine with my PC since his cleaning and virus prevention work."
 ---  Paul Stevens,  Hepplewhite Ct. Fort Collins

"Eddie did a great job fixing a virus that caused me some strife. It is nice to find a Computer Guy in the neighborhood. He even let me stop by for some cosmetic changes to my computer after he fixed the nuts and bolts at no charge.
 --- TFFC, Fort Collins

"I trust The Computer Guy to get whatever problem I have fixed quickly and inexpensively. Plus I'm dealing with a real person when I call. I'd use this service over any other option because Eddie has patience and experience and beyond fixing my computer he helps me with computer related decisions such as what to purchase and when it's advisable to upgrade. He really thinks about what is best for me."
 --- David C.  Fort Collins

"My husband is a pack rat and wanted to repair our 10 year old computer again.  I called Eddie over and he sat down with Bob told him how he understands because he has a 40 yr old vintage car that he loves to work on it and keep it on the road, but that in this situation it may be a better idea to spend double the cost of a repair and just treat the family to a fast, new, dependable computer.  Eddie said he would help make the transition easy.
I love The Computer Guy! I've been trying to get my husband to get us a new computer for three years! Thanks Eddie."
 ---  Florida Hernandez, N. McKinley Ave.  Fort Collins

I have hired Eddie to both fix my computer and train me to use it. About 4 or 5 years ago I needed to figure out how to use a laptop, projector, and PowerPoint for a class I was teaching and I hired him for 3 hours one day to sit down with me and train me like I'd never seen a computer before. It was worth every penny. He's good for a few laughs while he's here too! If you like a bit of stand up comedy, computer help, education, and website assistance all wrapped in one retro-dude package, Eddie is the ticket.
--- Lauri Pointer, Fort Collins, CO

"I like The Computer Guy because Eddie's like a friend I can call sometimes when I just need computer advice."
 --- Betty Nicolella, Laporte, CO